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Gracies amics!

De momento sigo buscando, no veo regalos de verdad por casa (fuera de bufandas y gayumos), sigo buscando a ver dónde esta "mi coche de slot"!, o chip de Oxigen, o SCP2, ... 



Aunque muchas veces piensas en plantarte, espero no hacerlo hasta que pasen mucho, muchos años, pero que muchos...

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  • El coche de este mes.....






    Sorteo el 1 de Septiembre!!!

    Bases del sorteo Aquí.

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    • Yes Albert, that would be one of the etc. etc. 😉 with kind regards Tamar
    • Can we uses a livery that was used in the championship International GT Open?
    • Hello Alf I'm posting this in English so I won't make translation errors 😉  I also checked & translated your other post & question First of all welcome and great news to hear that you guys want to participate, two teams for Saturday evening DiSCA GT3 and one team for Sunday's WEC.  To answer your first question concerning CSD/ DiSCA GT3: "Entiendo que los coches GT3 del CSD son compatibles con la DISCA GT3 Euroseries, correcto? " Yes they are compatible, but not exactly the same. We've worked together with CSD to make the rules as close as possible. And where there are differences to make it as easy as possible to "adapt" the CSD Spec cars used in the  CSD Championship Finals to fit the DiSCA GT3 rules for Saturday evening's GT3 team race. For instance min body weight for CSD GT3 is 16gr, min body weight for DiSCA GT3 is 19gr. That is easily adapted by adding some balast weight or the inclusion of a  light kit required for DiSCA GT3 cars (front lights only) Another difference is the min size of the front wheels: CSD min diametre = 16,5 mm ø DiSCA min diametre = 18,5 mm ø So here you would need to prepare a spare/second set of front wheels to comply with DiSCA rules. The big(er) front wheels will also help you to meet the min ground clearance of 0,5 mm under the front splitter required by DiSCA rules. Your second question is that about Saturday's GT3 or Sunday's WEC? There is a difference between CSD and DiSCA on how we select/ allow/ homologate cars. For the CSD Final  they are based on a brand (Scaleauto) and type (GT). DiSCA rules use 1/1 events as choice for homologation. DiSCA GT3 is for cars that have raced in GT3 endurances like Blancpain, Adac, Nurbrurg 24hrs, Bathurst etc etc. DiSCA WEC is for cars that have raced in WEC events like the Le Mans 24hrs , Daytona, Sebring etc etc. The WEC has 3 classes each with a time period. They are LM P1 (2010-2018), LM P2 (2010-2018) and LM GT (2012-2018). For the DiSCA LM 24hrs (the Birmingham race) the election criteria are  more strict. Only cars that have raced at Le Mans. So your question:  NSR Corvette C7R is not in the homologated model listing (As the recent AMG GT3). But I remember one or two C7R in Birmingham this year... The C7R races in the IMSA GT LM and WEC GTE class, it is not a GT3 car. So it can be raced in the DiSCA WEC but not in DiSCA GT3. The (Scaleauto) AMG GT3, even though not mentioned in the current GT3 homologation list (still needs to be updated ) is allowed in DiSCA GT3 and the DiSCA WEC GT LM class. Your third question is easy: Yes chassis free , must be made of plastic. With kind regards Tamar    
    • Hello Tamar, two doubts about technical regulations: - NSR Corvette C7R is not in the homologated model listing (As the recent AMG GT3). But I remember one or two C7R in Birmingham this year... - Chassis in WEC models is free? since made of plastic, of course. Thanks in advance  
    • Enhorabuena y muchas gracias a los organizadores por la iniciativa, ambas carreras parecen muy interesantes. De las que no se puede faltar!   De Galicia preinscribimos 2 equipos para las DISCA Euroseries GT3 y uno para las 6h WEC DISCA... por el momento. Entiendo que los coches GT3 del CSD son compatibles con la DISCA GT3 Euroseries, correcto?  Saludos  
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