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Hi everyone,

Im excited to announce the Scorpius Analogue Wireless Module.

Here it is..... look familar? Yes its the Lane Brain reinvented.

Hows it work? It plugs into your driver station by XLR plug, alligator clips, 1/4" phono or other. Power to run it comes from driver station itself, so no batteries or additional wiring is required. This is a completely plug'n'play set up. Plug in the module, match ID to controller, race, its that simple.

The LB has mosfet drivers and all the other hardware needed already.


Wireless controller

10A output with protection.

Adjustable brakes

Adjustable throttle curve

PIN protected channel

Learner/kids mode

320 step controller

Hall effect trigger, no friction plate, no maintenance.

No returning to driver station after deslot, just reslot and race!

Can even drive a lane changer, example pits on analogue system. Use the button on the controller to enter pits. From there it can talk to PCLapcounter so you can use refuelling feature.

A dongle is not required for basic racing but recommended.

It should cost around $20 more than an LB due to additional development costs and maybe around $30 additional again for the casing and plug leads.


Typical shot of the PCB.

Only thing is next 3 months are booked out but as soon as Scorpius is released and things settle down we can proceed with testing. Thanks for reading.

Fuente: slotforum

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Guest injectorman

Hi Guys,

Ok all is ready for final tuning, race testing, CE Marking and manufacture.




Controller flip side


Lane Brain before LED boards are snapped off


Lane Brain in casing without lid


Lane Brain in casing with lid


Car chip


Snap off board ready to mount




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