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    • En eso estoy jeje Para pasar el rato me vale, estoy estudiando también cuanto me saldría el total para ver si solo sábado o también domingo
    • Miki, intetnta  ver si algun compañero te puede prestar un multeo para el CSD o te puede ofrecer uno, pero para la carrera de la tarde del sábado y la de domingo si tienes disponibilidad avisame que encontramos equipo seguro.  
    • Me han dado ese finde libre...! Pero el caso es que me he puesto a leerme el reglamento y no tengo ningun GT que me valga 🤦‍♀️
    • Hello Amigo's In this post you’ll find the results of the testing we did on the Policar track @ slotracing2go (NL)As practice sessions for the DiSCA races will be shorter than usual we thought it might be helpful for all if we shared this information 1 Ninco LC’s in a closed Policar track with the Policar/Ninco adaptors.For the test we mounted the most troublesome of Ninco LC combinations, the XLC between lanes 2 - 3 with the additional single lane trackpieces for lane 1 + 4. We managed to place the XLC directly in front of a 90˚ R3-R4 corner with 4 full straights and 1x 61mm straight before the XLC/ adaptor combination.Mounting the track pieces was very easy and straight forward, the plastic clips under the track securing the Adaptor to the Ninco track work as they should, we did not even bother to screw them tight. Track rails also connect very good with a flush transition between the Policar and Ninco rails, Slots also line up perfectly.When driving over the track there was no noticeable difference. Braking and entering the corner was normal. Lane changes could be performed as normal, and..…as during the test the grip level improved, with the 4 3/4 straights length before the XLC, you could change lane at full throttle and brake as normal before the corner.Which is good news as on the Catalunya Policar track design…80% of the LC’s are placed in front of the corners with a similar straight (or shorter) before the LC.2 Grip and wear rate of the Scaleauto Procomp 3 on Policar.We tested the Procomp3 with two DiSCA GT3 spec cars @ 12,5v, fresh tires on a month old track, the track had not been used for a couple of days.So even though the track was a bit green, overall grip was more than ok. Grip on Acceleration and under Braking was good, grip during the transition from braking to corner entry was lower. We cleaned the dust deposit from the tyres with Scotch tape frequently. It took about an hour of driving to clean the track, (with just two cars)Once clean the track grip had improved to a very, very good level. Better than on Ninco definitely. The measured wear rate of the Procomp 3 was less than 0,1mm p/h, which is also better than on Ninco. The difference in lap time between the start of the 1st test run and end of the 2nd run was 1,5 sec ( 11,8 -10,3. Sec)3 Grip and wear rate of the Slot.it F22 on Policar.We tested the F22 with a DiSCA WEC GT & LMP2 with MX-16 motor and a LMP1 with a Flat-6 @ 12,5v. We drove the WEC cars after running the GT3 for 30min so the grip was already better, but here too frequent cleaning with tape helped a lot. The F22 does the same on Policar as it does on Ninco, it provides good and stable grip.The wear rate was also comparable to Ninco, maybe even less 0,2-0,3 mm p/h.4 Grip and wear rate of the Slot.it N18 on Policar.Last but not least the N18, in the run up to the e-csd 24hrs last June concerns had been voiced that the Policar track might not suit the N18 compound and that a switch to P6 might be better.Unfortunately we did not have time enough to run a back to back test between P6 and N18…but then again we did not need to, as the N18 performed very good on the track.In some cases (but this might be depending on set-up) even better than the F22.The N18 compound did pick up more dust than the F22, but as the track got cleaner and the tyres settled in, they had good grip and the low wear rate that we’re used to with N18 (0,05 -0,1mm p/h)Just two weeks till the races, looking forward to it.with kind regardsTamar
    • Lo delegación lo tomo muy en serio, si tienen hueco podría pasarse a grabar un poco y hacer alguna entrevista 💪🏻
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