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Usar una PB para el Pit lane

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Hola compañeros,

No hace mucho me explicó Rikorocket, que era interesante usar una PB como Pit lane, cortando la pista por la mitad colocabas un sensor a la entrada a boxes y otro a la salida, y con alguno de los programas existentes en el mercado podría servir como limitador de velocidad incluso, o al menos para colocar el pit lane en paralelo con la PB y aunque un coche entrara en boxes, fuera detectada esa vuelta que habían dado.

Alguien lo ha hecho?? Podría informarnos sobre cómo hacerlo, herramientas con las que ha cortado la pista, consejos, sugerencias, etc??

Para usar esa funcionalidad de PB en pit lane que la tienen muchos programas de control de carreras para PC, tendríamos que tener esa PB también con alimentación y conectada también al PC??

Muchas gracias!!

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Try here, I wrote this a while ago.

It is a bit difficult to read, but it is all there.

OK, I'd been meaning to do this for a while. Cutting up a PB to sense in and out of the pits.

Using a PB V1.2 that was :censored: during the power, power more power experiments.

Mosfets disabled, power leads disconnected from rails. Sensor section working OK. Using a 5 Volt PSU to power. First checked to see if still all OK. :thumbsup:


Job entails cutting track in half, cutting 2 PCBs in half and rewiring.

Track first.

No central rib to follow, so not so easy. Get rid of wires. 2 sensing PCBs were held in place on 2 little spigots, easy to pull off.


Track is 154 wide so we need to cut at 77mm from one side.


Before doing that though, cut ribs on underside, I lined up a ruler with the 2 central spigots to guide my cutting:


Scribe line at &&mm in from one side


Then cut as straight as you can (hopefully better than my first attempt!)


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Thank you Riko, but I don't understand it...

What method is easier?? Split a PB to use a sensor for pitbox inlet, and other sensor for pitbox outlet??

Or is it easier to make an 4 lanes PB as it is shown in this slotforum post?? I suppose in this case only a PC connection cable, and transformer is needed... (You use 2 lanes for normal race, the third one for pit lane, and the last one withouth connection to the circuit)

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Don't get confused with the 4 lane start - that was a deflection off topic - the finish to the wiring is on page 2

Rick, yes can-do, but gotta post this first:

Cut board by scoring with a sharp knife to a depth of about half a mm. Score the back in line (should be able to see the score mark through the board) and then just bend the board. Snap - Bob's your uncle!

First slight change, as the 4 track LEDs worked OK we don't have to muck about keeping the LEDs in series.

Add black wire from ground (0V) connection to lower terminal of LED (right side of photo)


Removed blue wire and white wire. Stuck boards in place with "No-nails" glue.


Blade passing sensor - wires soldered to pads as discussed, other slight change is now we will take the red back to the terminal on the PB.


Car ID sensor, hold board up to light to see where we want to make the new earth pad (circled where we can now see solid track). Other connections as envisaged on the tracks. Scrape away green stuff until you see shiney copper. Tin the wires with solder and then press them against the bare tracks with a soldering iron until the solder flows. Check a minute later after the solder has cured that the joint is mechanically sound (pull it!)



Stick 'em down with glue. Pathetic attempt at wire strain releif by routing wires up and back through capacitor wire :unsure:


@Rubenio - just about ready to rock and roll!



I have made three of these in and out pit lane sensors, one for me, one for Andy Wallace, one for a moderator on slotforum. My one was then converted into a three lane start, and finally back into a four lane start, so sorry I can't take any pictures.

bleep's track

It is too well integrated to see it though......

Editado por RikoRocket

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Thank you again Riko!!

But It looks like too complicated for me. I have welded some things but not too much, and it looks like very difficult. In any case I'm going to study it carefully.

About make a 4 line PB, have you ever do it?? Is it an easier work??

Thank you for information and for your works!!

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Guest Rubenio3

Hola jmkinki

Si necesitas ayuda con la traduccion haceme saber. yo probe esta modificacion y me sirvio bien. no es muy dificil, lo unico que hay que tener cuidado conectando los cables nuevos en la ficha.



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Hola amigos, al final se hizo la traducción de este post??

Como quedaría dispuesto el pit lane?? un sensor a la entrada del pitlane y otro a la salida?? donde iria conectada la PB 1.2?? o no se pone.... funciona con el SSDConsole o el PClapCounter??


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A Lapcounter four cars to code PB Pro for six cars?six cars?

But fours cars are plenty! :no: No...... JeJeJe :burla:

Of course we program it to detect 6 cars! The sensors in the track are identical to the 6 car powerbase. :aplausos: The processor is different but similar. There is not so much room for code. :ordenador: But we need only part of the PB-Pro code. :cervezas:

a que se refiere Riko.... a fabricar otro tipo de entrada en boxes para que detecte entrada y salida? o para que cuente la vuelta dentro de boxes?
We thought the easiest way is just to program the lapcounter and add an Aux port. To make it in and out would need another modification like in this thread, and it is easily possible.

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Your one is on the left. It still has a cut out for the wire for master-slave.... But I did my best to clean it and make it as new :angel:

Now you need a 30 Amp power supply. Shorting braids will vaporize.....

Riko try braids JPslot if not in London tell me and I sent baids JP.

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