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  1. Hello Amigos here are some images of the weekend if you need to go racing in November, Igualada Spain is the perfect place to go: Lots of Sun, Slots and Sangria... You guys know that of course because you live here, but for us "Northeners" it was a pleasure to go down south. This grand entrance of the Superdome is actually the back door, impressive staircase leading to the first floor... ..that housed both the 1/32 Policar Catalunya track as the 1/24 wooden track (at the back of the room) Below our feet two huge halls with 1/32 analog racetracks for Road racing and Rally/Offroad racing. To be honest, for popularity of digital in Spain..we are still a side show Saturday morning Racebriefing for the CSD finals. In Spanish but with English subtitles provided by DJ. Most important thing learned here was to yell "Coche" (Car) instead of Marshall. Gary inspecting the Policar track just before the start of his first heat. 6 cars lined up for their heat of 60 laps on the two outer lanes. Power set at 90% Fuel stops a novelty for the DiSCA racers, but was fun. At the base of the Superdome hilll the famous Cric Crac slotshop, also premises of IBB and Scaleauto. For some visiting this place was one of the main reasons to make the trip to Spain. Saturday evening 20:30 hrs. Time for the DiSCA GT3 final, just one race of 90min, but what a close race it was. 11 cars on the grid, power set to 100%, all 4 lanes available. Lets burn some (foam) rubber. After the races back to the Hotel America were most of the Northern European racers had set up base camp. Time for a late nigh Burger at the King conveniently situated next door. Sunday morning back at the Superdome, due to time restraints a shortened WEC program, still 6hrs of racing, but less time for practice and qualifying. Not a problem for DiSCA regulars but new teams would have benefited for a bit more track time...hopefully next year this will improve. Atfer six hours of racing, the winning cars per class, LMP1 Kilslot AMR/Lola (ESP), LMP2 Sportscarazing Pescarolo (GBR), LM GT Team Monkeytown Ford GT LM (NLD) Concourse shared by SVWorkz Oreca 07 and CSD Pink Pig Porsche 911 RSR. DiSCA award ceremony, the usual suspects for GT & LMP2, but a fine win for the Kilslot team in LMP1, we do hope to see you guys again. Also congratulations all the other Iberian racers in LMP1 and GT. you guys did a great job and it was a great pleasure to race with you on the Catalunya track. With kind regards Tamar
  2. You are absolutely right Here is the corrected version TEAM CLASS ID CAR Motor + orientation Total weight gr Body weight gr Rear Track mm Front Tyre ø mm Cric Crac LM P1 4 Audi R18 Flat-6 AW 82,1 18,3 61,8 18,7 Momo Team LM P1 5 Audi R18 Flat-6 AW 78,5 19,5 62,5 18,7 Ateneu Slot LM P1 7 AMR DB1 Lola Flat-6 AW 76,9 17,8 62,4 18,7 Kilslot Team LM P1 8 AMR DB1 Lola Flat-6 AW 81,2 18,6 62,8 18,7 DRS Kilslot LM P1 9 Lola B12/890 Flat-6 AW 80,0 17,5 62,9 18,5 Lowlands Racing LM P2 14 Oreca 07 MX16 IL 72,6 18,5 61,7 20,4 Sportscarazing LM P2 15 Pescarolo MX16 IL 69,2 19,0 62,0 18,5 Slot Reus LM GT 16 Corvette C7 R Flat-6 AW 86,8 20,0 62,7 18,7 DRS Vigi Jr LM GT 17 Corvette C7 R Flat-6 AW Monkeytown NL LM GT 18 Ford GT LM MX16 SW 76,5 21,2 62,5 19,7 Flevo Slot LM GT 19 Ford GT LM MX16 IL 73,5 19,7 62,9 19,0 CSD LM GT 20 Porsche 911 RSR Flat-6 AW 85,3 19,5 61,9 19,2
  3. Hola amigos Aquí están los resultados de la inspección técnica para la carrera DiSCA 6hr WEC. Compartimos esta información porque puede mostrarle cómo se compara su automóvil con el de los otros equipos y clases. También le mostrará quién logró construir sus autos más cercanos a las reglas de Tech. Un fondo rojo significa que los equipos fueron demasiado lejos. A la derecha, puede ver en qué artículos su automóvil no pasó la inspección técnica. Como consecuencia, a estos equipos se les canceló su resultado de calificación ... ... tuvieron que traer sus autos para inspección técnica por segunda vez. ... y tuve que comenzar la carrera desde la parte posterior de la parrilla. Para ser honesto, debo decir que con la fórmula DiSCA nueva para muchos de los equipos españoles, hicieron un buen trabajo al interpretar las reglas de Tech. Felicitaciones especiales tanto para Ateneu como para Momo por estar al límite ... con un margen más que suficiente para pasar la tecnología ... bien hech Hello Friends Here are the results of the Technical Inspection for the DiSCA 6hr WEC race. We share this info because it can show you how your car compared to that of the other teams and classes. It will also show you who managed to build their cars closest to the Tech rules. A red background means teams went a bit too far. On the right you can see on which items their car failed to pass Tech inspection. As a consequence these teams had their Qualification result cancelled... ...had to bring their cars in for Tech inspection a second time. ...and had to start the race from the back of the grid. To be honest, I must say that with the DiSCA formula new to many of the Spanish teams they did a good job in interpreting the Tech rules. Special compliments to both Ateneu and Momo for being right on the edge...with more than enough margin to pass tech..well done DiSCA WEC R3 6hrs of Catalunya Technical Inspection Results TEAM CLASS ID CAR Motor + orientation Total weight gr Body weight gr Rear Track mm Front Tyre ø mm Cric Crac LM P1 4 Audi R18 Flat-6 AW 82,1 18,3 61,8 18,7 Momo Team LM P2 5 Audi R18 Flat-6 AW 78,5 19,5 62,5 18,7 Ateneu Slot LM GT 7 AMR DB1 Lola Flat-6 AW 76,9 17,8 62,4 18,7 Kilslot Team LM P2 8 AMR DB1 Lola Flat-6 AW 81,2 18,6 62,8 18,7 DRS Kilslot LM GT 9 Lola B12/890 Flat-6 AW 80,0 17,5 62,9 18,5 Lowlands Racing LM P1 14 Oreca 07 MX16 IL 72,6 18,5 61,7 20,4 Sportscarazing LM P1 15 Pescarolo MX16 IL 69,2 19,0 62,0 18,5 Slot Reus LM GT 16 Corvette C7 R Flat-6 AW 86,8 20,0 62,7 18,7 DRS Vigi Jr LM P2 17 Corvette C7 R Monkeytown NL LM GT 18 Ford GT LM MX16 SW 76,5 21,2 62,5 19,7 Flevo Slot LM GT 19 Ford GT LM MX16 IL 73,5 19,7 62,9 19,0 CSD LM P1 20 Porsche 911 RSR Flat-6 AW 85,3 19,5 61,9 19,2 with kind regards Tamar
  4. Hola amigos Hablando por Gary y por mí ... y muy probablemente por todos los otros corredores "del norte de Europa", tuvimos un excelente fin de semana, muchas gracias por su hospitalidad y ayuda para hacer de este evento un gran éxito. Fue un placer visitar el Superdome (¡+ área de restaurante!) Y disfrutar de la compañía de todos los corredores y visitantes españoles, gallegos y catalanes en cada una de las competiciones. Espero que hayan disfrutado las carreras de DiSCA del pasado fin de semana tanto como nosotros. Aunque la competencia es una parte importante del evento DiSCA, la promoción de las carreras de tragamonedas digitales y el intercambio de información sobre las carreras y los autos que corremos son igualmente importantes. Como siempre después de cada carrera hay lecciones que aprender.Invito a todos los equipos españoles a compartir los detalles de su auto, fotos e impresiones sobre este tema.Nos llevará un tiempo recopilar y analizar todos los datos que hemos registrado durante las carreras, pero también los publicaremos aquí en un futuro próximo. Como primera ... aquí están los resultados de DiSCA: note: translated from English to Spanish via Google translate...sorry for the mistakes if any. Original English text below.😇 Hello Friends Speaking for Gary and me..and most likely all the other “north European” racers, we had an excellent weekend, a big thank you for your hospitality and help in making this event a big success. It was a pleasure to visit the Superdome (+ Restaurant area!) and enjoy the company of all of the Spanish, Galician and Catalan racers and visitors for each of the competitions. I do hope you have enjoyed the DiSCA races of the past weekend as much as we have. Although competition is an important part of the DiSCA event, promoting digital slot racing and sharing information about the races and the cars we run are equally important. As always after each race there are lessons to be learned. I invite all the Spanish teams to share their car details, photo’s and impressions in this topic. It will take some time for us to collect and analyse all data we have recorded during the races but we will post them here in the near future as well. As a first…here are the DiSCA results: GT3 Euroseries R5 1. Salvador / Povill 434L 2. DJ / Olgydan / Litus 424L 3. Skipp / Alonso 417L 4. Maddock / Fishenden 414L 5. Verelst / Wiggers 413L 5. A.Mouriño / Azevedo 413L 7. Penide / A.Mouriño Jr 406L 8. Lluiset / Pepon 398L 9. Andersen / B.Mouriño 381L 10. Nelwan / Wegner 378L 11. Navasquillo / Ortega 345L 6h Barcelona WEC 1. Killslot Team (LMP1) 1673L 2. Ateneu Slot (LMP1) 1639L 3. DRS Killslot (LMP1) 1613L 4. Sports Carazing (LMP2) 1596L 5. MOMO Team (LMP1) 1580L 6. Ford Monkeytown NL (LMGT) 1572L 7. CSD (LMGT) 1559L 8. Slot Reus Compétition (LMGT) 1537L 9. SV Workz Lowlands Racing (LMP2) 1491L 10. FlevoSlot (LMGT) 1464L 11. Cric Crac (LMP1) DNF 12. DRS Vigo Jr (LMGT) DNS Steven Verelst became GT3 Euroseries Champion 2019 Tamar Nelwan became WEC Driver's Champion 2019 With kind regards Gary & Tamar
  5. Hello all, just a few more days till we'll meet at Igualada. After changing and checking the info several times...here's the last version of the DiSCA WEC 6hrs Spottersguide. with kind regards Tamar
  6. Hello everyone, less than one week to go! Here's an updated entry list for DiSCA GT3 and WEC. We've got a great entry of 11 cars for GT3 nd 12 for WEC, which is very positive. WEC cars have been assigned ID's, but we will collaborate with CSD for ID of GT3 cars to try and make it as easy as possible to transfer from one race to another with the fewest changes. GT3 Euroseries R5 1. Nelwan / Wegner AMG GT3 Bilstein 2. Andersen / B.Mouriño Corvette C6R Martini 3. Skipp / Swaab / Koeman Porsche 991 Falken 4. A.Mouriño / Azevedo unknown 5. Penide / M.Mouriño unknown 6. Maddock / Fishenden SLS GT3 Black Falcon 7. Verelst / Wiggers AMG GT3 Chuppa Chupps 8. Navasquillo / Ortega AMG GT3 Mann Filter 9. Salvador / Povill R8 LMS Phoenix 10. DJ / Olgydan / Litus Porsche 991 Matmut 11. Lluiset / Pepon unkown these are not final oxigen ID's! 6h Barcelona WEC 5. Cric Crac - Audi R18 LMP1 6. MOMO Team - Audi R18 LMP1 7. Ateneu Slot - Lola Aston Martin Gulf LMP1 8. Killslot Team - Lola Aston Martin Marc VDS LMP1 9. DRS Vigo - Lola Aston Martin Gulf LMP1 14. SV Workz - Oreca 07 Manor LMP2 15. Sports Carazing - Pescarolo Oak LMP2 16. Slot Reus Competició - Corvette C7.R LMGT 17. DRS Vigo Jr - Corvette C7.R Duncan Taylor LMGT 18. Ford Monkeytown NL - Ford GT LM GT 19. FlevoSlot - Ford GT LM GT 20. CSD - Porsche 991 Pink Pig LMGT these are the provisional oxigen ID's ! Thanks to every team that has supported this event with an entry, it has exceeded my expectations and I'm very much looking forward to next weekends racing With kind regards Tamar
  7. Hello Amigo's In this post you’ll find the results of the testing we did on the Policar track @ slotracing2go (NL)As practice sessions for the DiSCA races will be shorter than usual we thought it might be helpful for all if we shared this information 1 Ninco LC’s in a closed Policar track with the Policar/Ninco adaptors.For the test we mounted the most troublesome of Ninco LC combinations, the XLC between lanes 2 - 3 with the additional single lane trackpieces for lane 1 + 4. We managed to place the XLC directly in front of a 90˚ R3-R4 corner with 4 full straights and 1x 61mm straight before the XLC/ adaptor combination.Mounting the track pieces was very easy and straight forward, the plastic clips under the track securing the Adaptor to the Ninco track work as they should, we did not even bother to screw them tight. Track rails also connect very good with a flush transition between the Policar and Ninco rails, Slots also line up perfectly.When driving over the track there was no noticeable difference. Braking and entering the corner was normal. Lane changes could be performed as normal, and..…as during the test the grip level improved, with the 4 3/4 straights length before the XLC, you could change lane at full throttle and brake as normal before the corner.Which is good news as on the Catalunya Policar track design…80% of the LC’s are placed in front of the corners with a similar straight (or shorter) before the LC.2 Grip and wear rate of the Scaleauto Procomp 3 on Policar.We tested the Procomp3 with two DiSCA GT3 spec cars @ 12,5v, fresh tires on a month old track, the track had not been used for a couple of days.So even though the track was a bit green, overall grip was more than ok. Grip on Acceleration and under Braking was good, grip during the transition from braking to corner entry was lower. We cleaned the dust deposit from the tyres with Scotch tape frequently. It took about an hour of driving to clean the track, (with just two cars)Once clean the track grip had improved to a very, very good level. Better than on Ninco definitely. The measured wear rate of the Procomp 3 was less than 0,1mm p/h, which is also better than on Ninco. The difference in lap time between the start of the 1st test run and end of the 2nd run was 1,5 sec ( 11,8 -10,3. Sec)3 Grip and wear rate of the Slot.it F22 on Policar.We tested the F22 with a DiSCA WEC GT & LMP2 with MX-16 motor and a LMP1 with a Flat-6 @ 12,5v. We drove the WEC cars after running the GT3 for 30min so the grip was already better, but here too frequent cleaning with tape helped a lot. The F22 does the same on Policar as it does on Ninco, it provides good and stable grip.The wear rate was also comparable to Ninco, maybe even less 0,2-0,3 mm p/h.4 Grip and wear rate of the Slot.it N18 on Policar.Last but not least the N18, in the run up to the e-csd 24hrs last June concerns had been voiced that the Policar track might not suit the N18 compound and that a switch to P6 might be better.Unfortunately we did not have time enough to run a back to back test between P6 and N18…but then again we did not need to, as the N18 performed very good on the track.In some cases (but this might be depending on set-up) even better than the F22.The N18 compound did pick up more dust than the F22, but as the track got cleaner and the tyres settled in, they had good grip and the low wear rate that we’re used to with N18 (0,05 -0,1mm p/h)Just two weeks till the races, looking forward to it.with kind regardsTamar
  8. Hola amigos Aquí hay una actualización del dibujo del circuito con los soportes. Algunos XLC se han cambiado a YLC Attentamente Tamar
  9. Hola amigos Aquí hay una actualización del dibujo del circuito con los soportes. Algunos XLC se han cambiado a YLC Attentamente Tamar
  10. Hola Amigo's Aqui la entrada provisional del Carrera DiSCA GT3 (Sábado noche) y las 6h WEC (Domingo). GT3 Euroseries T. Nelwan /M. Wiggers, AMG GT3 (Scalextric, ProSpeed) J. Andersen / ?, Corvette C6R (NSR) G. Skipp / ?, Porsche 991GT3 (Scalextric, PSR) A. Mourino / Azevedo. A. Penide / M.Mourino D. Maddock /K. Fishenden, Mercedes SLS GT3 (Scaleauto) S. Verelst /S. Wegner, AMG GT3 (Scalextric ProSpeed) A. Navasquillo / I. Ortega, AMG GT3 (Scaleauto) C. Salvador /C. Povill, Audi R8 LMS GT3 (Scaleauto) D. Julve / Olgydan / Litus, Porsche 991GT3 (Scaleauto) WEC DSR Vigo 1: A. Mourino /L. Azevedo / A.Rodriguez - LMP1, Lola AMR #009 (Slot.it) Atteneu Slot: C. Salvador/ C. Povill LMP - Lola AMR #007 (Slot.it) Cric-Crac: F. Valdez /A. Penine, LMP1 - Audi R18 #4 (Slot.it) Killslot: B. Romero /B. Romero / S. Grana - LMP1, Lola AMR #26 (Slot.it) SportsCarazing: G. Skipp /K. Fishenden - LMP2 Pescarolo #35 (Avantslot- Olifer3D) Low Lands LMP: S. Verelst / S. Wegner /D. Maddock - LMP2 Oreca 07 #24 (Sv Workz) Low Lands GT: T.Nelwan /M. Wiggers /j. Andersen - LMGT Ford GT #68 (Scalextric, ProSpeed) Flevo Slot: S. Swaab /R. Koeman - LMGT Ford GT #69 (Scalextric, ProSpeed) CSD: D. Julve / Olgydan / Litus, LMGT - Porsche 991GT3 #92 (Scaleauto) DSR Vigo Junior: Mourino / Mourni / Alonso LMGT - Chevrolette C7R #57 (Scaleauto) Nota: los números del Coche (#) son solo para referencia a la decoración. La nr. identificación digital del coche será publicado con la lista final de entradas. Se proporcionarán escudos numéricos en la inspección técnica Tambien esperamos entradas de BB Slot, Olifer Racing y potencialmente DitSlot para el WEC. Looks like it'll be a good one! Atentamente Tamar
  11. Number stickers and ID shields will be provided by the organization...and handed out during tech. No time to send them with just 5 weeks till the race. Entry list will be made available...once we have a better sight at who is entering and with what car....but looks like we have some progress on that now 😉 Hope to be able to post a provisional list this Friday/Saturday. Its a bit busy with the entries for the 2020 LM 24hrs also opening on Friday 18:00hrs. With kind regards Tamar
  12. Hmmm, yes I understand, but if everyone would do the same...you would have a hard time to distinguish "your" Mamba from the 12 other yellow Mamba's Which is why its always better to pick a unique livery, that way you will always be able to recognize your car 😉 Hmmm, sí, lo entiendo, pero si todos hicieran lo mismo ... tendrías dificultades para distinguir "tu" Mamba de las otras 12 Mamba amarillas. Es por eso que siempre es mejor elegir una librea única, de esa manera siempre podrá reconocer su automóvil 😉
  13. Hello Albert, Ok so this one then? Yes that would be allowed as well, although I prefer the Snake version...much nicer. And it not that hard to do; Here's a link to Slotfabrik who has the decals for both versions: Mamba decals Look Albert, and this also goes for all others that want to race the same GT car/body for all 3 events (CSD, DiSCA GT3, DiSCA WEC) Rules for liveries & paint for all 3 events: CSD: Body must be painted, no further requirements DiSCA GT3: Body must be painted in an authentic racing livery. (note if vacformed windows are used you must also paint the window frames ) DiSCA WEC: Body must be painted in an authentic racing livery, but sponsors may be changed. For all DiSCA events if you have any doubt on if a certain livery is allowed...post a picture...not a link or a reference like "just Google AMG MAMBA", you do the work 😉 With kind regards Tamar Hola albert Ok, entonces este? Sí, eso también estaría permitido, aunque prefiero la versión Snake ... mucho mejor. Y no es tan difícil de hacer; Aquí hay un enlace a Slotfabrik que tiene las calcomanías para ambas versiones: calcomanías de Mamba Mire Albert, y esto también se aplica a todos los demás que quieran competir con el mismo carro / carro GT para los 3 eventos (CSD, DiSCA GT3, DiSCA WEC) Reglas para libreas y pintura para los 3 eventos: CSD: el cuerpo debe estar pintado, sin requisitos adicionales. iSCA GT3: el cuerpo debe pintarse con una auténtica librea de carreras. (tenga en cuenta que si se usan ventanas vacformed también debe pintar los marcos de las ventanas) DiSCA WEC: el cuerpo debe pintarse con una auténtica librea de carreras, pero los patrocinadores pueden cambiarse. Para todos los eventos de DiSCA, si tiene alguna duda sobre si se permite una librea determinada ... publique una imagen ... no un enlace o una referencia como "solo Google AMG MAMBA", usted hace el trabajo 😉 Atentamente Tamar
  14. This one?, easy paint maybe...easy decal...I don't know. But I think a MAMBA AMG would look very good on the grid 🤙
  15. Yes Albert, that would be one of the etc. etc. 😉 with kind regards Tamar
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