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  1. RikoRocket

    Nuevo en SuperSlot

    Good News and Bad News: Good News: Superslot have upgraded the DPR chip (to my specification) so it now it will never fail, super strong. Plus it has a lights interface which gives Brake lights when you brake. Bad News: Superslot have a new powerbase that works with ipads and phones, not with a computer. It will replace the advanced powerbase. The first units have a fault so if you are thinking of buying one I would suggest to wait 6 months
  2. RikoRocket

    ssd analogico-digital pro y simple H

    Please note that although it is possible to make these modifications, the cost to do so is more money than buying a new C7042 6 car powerbase. The new C7042 has effectively our PB-Pro functionality inside, and with a simple mod can give out 20 Amps. ? I'm not sure if Superslot have released this in Spain yet ?
  3. RikoRocket

    NSR Y Slot It en la APB de forma analoga

    In analogue mode with NSR or Slot.it cars (no chips) there is no problem with the APB. If you use extreme motors then you might need to make the small changes to double the power of the APB (small cuts to tracks and add two resistors) What is a problem is the Pit lane sensor in the Pit game ("Box") C7041 (or equivalent Spanish number). The sensor is too high in the slot and the guide blades can damage it. If you have an APB then you must update the software inside it - there is a programming tool and code 1.009 at http://ssdc.jackaments.com to replace the problem code 0.085
  4. RikoRocket

    PB Pro analógico 2 coches.

    This tells me that it was not 2 lane analogue. I have checked back over all the correspondance and it was not with that modification (very few were made with the extra relay as most people just wanted digital). I can make the modification for you if you want. In the meantime I have sent you by email the normal SH code (1.8h spanish version)
  5. RikoRocket

    PB Pro analógico 2 coches.

    Apologies I have made a mistake. I have obviously uploaded the PB-Pro1.8SHEsp and I should have uploaded PB-Pro1.8SHAEsp. I will email you the new code and instructions how to upload it Please MP me your email address Sorry!
  6. RikoRocket

    PB Pro analógico 2 coches.

    It is necessary to separate the two tracks around the circuit. Curve lane changers include a lane to lane link that has to be cut, so does the digital lap counter. Also your circuit cannot have a one lane chicane or anywhere that the tracks come together. Analogue curve lane swaps must be used in pairs Cut in two places
  7. RikoRocket

    PB-ProSH available for purchase.

    OK 130 Euros or it goes on Ebay So for 130 Euros you get 1) V1.5 6 car power base c7030 - Conversion to PB-ProEsp V1.8h - Conversion to SH power board 2) 5m USB Aux to PC conversion cable including the conversion electronics built into the USB connector end. 3) Postage free to Spain Last chance! Contact me directly on this forum if you are interested! Here it is in his circuit: In situ
  8. RikoRocket

    Wireles, ya llega para SSD

    I spoke with Andy about this last night. In principle it would work, it would use the same method as the recorded pace cars control the cars varying the speed. So entirely possible, but this needs to be tried as the feel may not be so good. We will try soon...
  9. RikoRocket

    Pit Pro

    There is only one solution, get me to convert it to Pro. It is not expensive just for the code change/adding the interface.
  10. RikoRocket

    Pit Pro

    You can have two Pit-Pro towers displaying information. You connect the two wires that come from the Pit-Pro with a 2:1 adapter (I have many!) and then connect the electronics conversion cable for the computer. Then you have duplicated displays. If you place one at the entry and one at the exit then these can also be your in/out sensors. SSDC and PClapcounter can both driove Pit-Pro, but they can only drive one output. So you need the 2:1 adaptor.
  11. RikoRocket

    Wireles, ya llega para SSD

    Lane change and brakes now working. This is a very early development, but could be a real possibility soon. Cost will be low compared to Oxigen and Scorpius (these were discussed as an option to get wireless into SSD easily). You will need a computer and to be running SSDC. At this point it works with the C7042 powerbase, but it is likely that it will be able to work in the future with PB-Pro. It will not work with a standard C7030. Oh, and good news: SSDC version 5 now supports PB-Pro, so download the new software and explore all the new capabilities. This was the version completely rewritten for the C7042. There were many requests to make it compatible with PB-Pro so Andy Wallace has just done this (it was for the UK show). The upgrade cost is £20 GBP. Go to http://ssdc.jackaments.com
  12. RikoRocket

    PB-ProSH available for purchase.

    I have been approached by another digital slot pilot that wants to sell a V1.5 superslot 6 car powerbase PB-Pro with SH board fitted. He wants only 150 Euros complete, which is almost the price of just the SH board! Contact me by MP if you are interested. But be fast as it is advertised elsewhere... I will load the latest Spanish code into it. Sorry, the price includes postage to Europe, and it also includes an Aux cable to link it to a PC free! This one was converted by my friend RichG. The seller also has a 30 Amp power supply, but I advise against buying it as postage will be too much to Spain.
  13. RikoRocket

    program chip

    We have to decide how to implement. For people using dynamic braking then the brake button is obsolete and could be used. If you button brake then this is not the solution. It has to intuitive, and easy.
  14. RikoRocket

    My 20m circuit

    Thanks everyone. The event went well. The circuit was decorated by www.slottrackscenics.com, they turned the track into a real racing circuit! Enjoy the pictures! It was a beautiful and fast drive...
  15. RikoRocket

    program chip

    A world's first. Two Superslot Audi R8s racing with MIH code at the UK slot festival yesterday. The drivers were able to switch lights on or off while driving by using the brake button. This was the circuit: Here is one of the cars racing: