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  1. creo que sí, pero lo reenvio de nuevo. El justificante os lo he enviado
  2. Vaya... aseguraría que hice el ingreso el viernes. Podeis revisarlo?
  3. En vez de hacer entrevistas, haz el favor de venir
  4. Hello all again New updates of teams and liveries?
  5. Apunta a Albert, Lluiset i Kagó
  6. If oXigen and Scorpius are compatible with the same RMS it will be great!
  7. Hello Tamar, for the moment I've bought from Atalaya Slot Decals this decals: https://www.atalayadecals.com/index.php?id_product=358&controller=product&id_lang=2 It reproduces the scales of snakes. I guess this livery would be OK. But I have some doubts that: In the technical regulations I couldn't find something about number stickers. Will I receive in my adress or you give us at the same race? There are a entry list? Is mandatory to not repeat a livery? Because you say that the rest of cars could be repeat the same livery. For CSD event, probably we will prepare another car without lights, according with the weight of the body regulated in CSD (16g). Thanks in advance, Tamar.
  8. Not just this livery, because I guess is dificulty to reproduce the scales of snake. There is another livery with green lines to replace the scales. I chose this livery because would be easy to see on the track.
  9. DJ, preinscribe a: Rubens, Vicente, Lluiset, Kagó y a mi mismo
  10. Thanks a lot, because I want to use a one that is easy paint (see MAMBA AMG on Google). See you in Igualada
  11. Va.. yo también, apuntadme. Del Moratros irá bastante gente. Rubens, Vicente, Lluiset, Serito Kagó tienen intención de ir.
  12. En Reus hay un club de slot, en el cual también hacen carreras de digital. La próxima es el jueves 26 de septiembre. Yo como estoy en Valls, me acercaré.
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