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  1. Hi djlutz, and many thanks for your support! You have driven me in the right direction and as you said the issue was about the missing TTL translation. I'm lucky as near my home there is the italian site of a big electronic component distributor and I found immediatly a cable made by FTDI that is a TTL to USB cable. So with less then 20 euro I'm ready to go. Already bought the cable and tested right now and all is working well, the ML sensor is ok both for Multilane detection and pit stop detection. I have also bought a rs232 to usb small pcb and now I will connect and insert it directly in the powerbase :-) I'm very happy to have confirmed all the great thing told me about your community from one of my best friend from Modena : Miano. I don't know if you know him, I know that he read often your forum. I hope to proceed without boring you again, but in any case now I know where to find great people with great knowledge about ninco digital. Thanks again. ... and let me know if I can give you some kind of support in order to thanks your community. Ciao Renato "nevada" B.
  2. Hi all, forgive me if I write in english, but I am italian and I do not know Spanish. I'm new to this forum, and I'm here because I have seen that your forum is the best place to find information and know-how about ninco digital systems. I present myself : I'm Renato from Milan, I have about 100 meters of ninco track section and the digital system by ninco since 2008. I would like to improve the use of this system, and I found that the only (or best) way is to use pclapcounter... First of all thanks for the information and document you have in your forum, a big and well done work. I have some difficult to understand your language, but anyway I can take a lot of usefull inforamtion from your community. And tell me if I can do dsomething for you... But now, I hope you can find some time to help me... I have a ninco digital powerbase v1.08 with PCLapCounter. The powerbase and the SW are connected with a self made cable and everything works well. Now I'm trying to add the pitlane add-on for PCLC made with the multilane sensors. I have done the modification but there is something wrong. I have read that maybe I need to use a TTL converter, and my first question is about how to understand if I really need it. I explain better : the multilane sensor is connected, and with the PCLC debugger I see that it send information to the software, and it seems in a "understandable" format, but the code received seems not to be the ones expected by PCLC. I cannot understand if it is a problem of PCLC or a TTL issue, or other issues... When I come back home I can take screenshot of the codes sent by ML sensor and post them here if needed. Thanks for everithing you could tell me to support me in understanding what's wrong... Edit : this is the image with the data and error messages that I have on PCLC from ML sensor
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